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Clutterbuck's Cards and Gifts


We are really glad to bring our Clutterbuck brand of service to our Cards & Gifts shop. We have a wide range of cards and gifts and, of course, the Post Office.

Staff will give you a warm welcome and help you with your needs. Hilary, Fee, and Leigh can be found working the till, or occasionally Anne, Jeremy or Lynn, The staff of the Post Office, Fiona, Carole, Julie and Faith are also able to help.


We believe in caring deeply for all our customers and you will find this care in our Card and Gift shop. We hope you'll enjoy our wide range of gifts, books, stationery, toys and cards. We are your local shop, with local knowledge, close to Tesco, with easy parking. Plenty of reasons to choose us.



When the shop was first built it was my Mum, Lynn Hallam, together with her business partner Dennis Andrewartha, who started retailing cards and gifts in this shop. (At that time the Post Office was located inside the then Co-op supermarket).


The business changes hands and when the Co-op became Tesco the Post Office was moved from there to here. We then took over again in June 2016 under a Post Office modernisation programme.


We want to be a healthy business, serving the community to the highest standards. We want to develop the Clutterbuck brand and continue to grow and develop as people, and as a business.

We are constantly developing and looking for ways to improve.


Although the Post Office shares the same building, the tills are not linked. It is not possible to process retail transactions at the Post oFfice counters and vice versa.