Funeral Service in Cam, Dursley, Thornbury, Tetbury and surrounding areas

The cheapest funeral service is about £2,500 but the average funeral can be around £3,000.

However, we believe that you should only pay for what you use and that’s why we don’t price our funeral service in packages (except some pre-paid funerals); we price each funeral service according to what services we provide to you.  Below you can choose many of the most popular services for a burial or cremation and find out how much the funeral is likely to be.  If your requirements are not listed, please contact us and we will be pleased to help in person.

Although we have tried to be as accurate as possible this is only a guide and a more accurate estimate is always given after we have received your instructions.

Deposits, disbursements and down-payments

Disbursements is a term used for payments made by a funeral director to a third party for their services on behalf of the family. This includes, the crematorium, doctors, officiant, cemetery authorities and gravedigger.

The disbursements can amount to a large amount, sometimes more than £1000 and are usually paid up-front.

Some funeral directors therefore ask clients for a payment up-front to cover these items.


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Paying for the funeral

We understand that these can be difficult times financially and so we try to offer terms that reflect these circumstances. We aim to send you an invoice shortly after the funeral.  our normal terms are for payment within 90 days. Payment can be by:

  • cash (please consider your security when carrying or keeping cash)
  • cheque (payable to "L.W.Clutterbuck Ltd")
  • credit or debit card (either at our office or over the phone)
  • bank transfer direct to our bank (account number: 70784259, sort code: 08-92-50, please send an e-mail to with your invoice number).

If you are expecting to have difficulty paying the full amount in one go, we will be happy to discuss a regular payment plan which can be paid by Direct Debit. Depending on the circumstances this could be interest free. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


Probate is the term used to describe the legal process of sorting out the deceased’s estate. Even if a will has been made, if the size of the estate exceeds £5000 in value you will have to obtain probate. Some instructions on how to do it yourself are available but we advise you to involve a solicitor.  More information can be found online at or by phoning Principal Registry of the Family Division on 020 7947 7159 or the National Probate and Inheritance Tax helpline on 0845 3020900. We understand that this can take a few months to complete and we are happy to deal with solicitors directly if you would prefer.

Insurance policies

Insurance Companies need to see the Grant of Probate before it will pay out. If no Grant of Probate is required you would have to contact the Insurance Company to see what they require before the payment can be made. At the very minimum they will need a certified copy of the entry in the register of deaths, i.e. “certified copy of the death certificate”, and possibly an indemnity from the payee.

Getting help: The Social Fund

If the person paying the bill (not the deceased) is receiving any of the following benefits: Income support, Job seekers allowance, Council Tax support or Sickness Allowance; you may be entitled to a contribution from the “Social Fund”. The amount paid normally only covers “essential” costs such as: coffin, cremation fees, doctors fees, etc. The remainder will have to be paid from other funds. Please note, any amount awarded will be payable directly to us. For more information please contact the local JobCentre Plus.

Bereavement Payment

If the deceased was under pensionable age and paid a certain amount of National Insurance contributions (stamp) the surviving widow/widower may possibly be entitled to a one-off grant (currently £2000 (2017)).  For more information please contact the local JobCentre Plus.

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