We can supply a wide range of headstones to order. We also have a selection of bronze plaques and other memorial tributes available. Please contact us for our full selection.

We can also clean and restore memorials to their former glory.


You may choose any inscription you like (which is charged by the letter). Remember that long inscriptions may be impractical and make lettering too small. Also, you might want to leave enough space for any further inscriptions that may be required in the future - no matter how far in the future.

Here are some issues to consider when you compose an inscription:

  • The church encourages the use of personal messages on headstones. Try to think of a message that represents the person, perhaps reflects on things they enjoyed or strongly believed in.
  • Bear in mind the context of the second inscription. A message that mentions surviving relatives might not make sense when a second inscription is needed.
  • Keeping to the same format for a second inscription (for example, for dates) gives a neater appearance.
  • The cost of memorial inscriptions depends on how many letters there are and the chosen lettering style.


Churchyard regulations are set by the local diocese following a national reccomendation. The regulations have changed in recent years so you may not be permitted to have the same type of headstone or tablet that someone buried in the same churchyard 5 years ago was permitted.

Cemeteries also follow a set a regulations set out by their own governance, this could be a town or city council, or a privately company. Usually a cemetery will have more freedom of expression allowed with your choice of memorial, colour of stone, special engraving, other ornementaion etc. We always recommend researching what memorialisation is allowed before you commit to the burial to avoid dissapointment later.


Dedicate a tree

An environmental way to remember your loved one with a lasting addition to the National Forest.

Electronic memorials

In today's modern technological world you now have the opportunity to have a webpage constructed in someone's name. This will leave a lasting, low maintenance memorial, accessible from anywhere in the world, and can contain far more than an inscription on a headstone, including interactive content where people can leave their own tributes.  We can arrange this service for you via

You can provide a link to the website via a QR code discretely sandblasted onto the stone (where available). A QR code is a 2D barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone (with the appropriate app) and the smartphone can display a website or other information, even photos or videos, or maybe a Facebook page. For example, this QR code represents this website.

QR code

You might also be able to use an NFC tag in the same way.


Headstones are not normally covered by domestic contents or buildings insurance. We can provide details of insurance for headstones provided by Stone Guard. Please ask for details.


Graves mark the final resting place of our loved ones and friends. Memorials give valuable details of the deceased which can be useful reminders and provide details for people interested in finding out about a person’s family’s history.

We are lucky to have some beautiful cemeteries and churchyards in this area containing numerous interesting memorials. The maintenance of graves falls down the generations to those left behind. As people move away or become frail with old age themselves this becomes more difficult.  Over time memorials can become weathered with stone showing signs of its age and the lettering can become unclear.


With many memorials it is possible to restore them to their former glory. The memorial may require straightening with new foundation or new fixings. Stonework can be cleaned including: chemical treatment, washing and mechanical polishing. Letters that have been cut into the stone and painted can be repainted: black, white, silver or gold. Letters made from lead can be polished and, where missing, replaced on an individual basis.

On-going maintenance

There are two levels of service for maintaining a grave throughout the year:

  1. The first is suitable for graves that have a headstone and are grassed over or have a kerbset with chippings. This would include mowing the grass or keeping the chippings clean and tidy and also keeping the headstone clean.
  2. The second provides a planting service for all year round interest with flowers growing in the ground. Twice a year the grave will be planted and the area around kept tidy.

Please speak to us about prices.