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If you would like to make a donation to charity in memory of someone we would be pleased to pass this on.

Please make cheques payable to L.W.Clutterbuck, Funeral Director. We will then pay them in to our charities account and will pay the charity(ies) in one lump sum. Donations can be received for up to 6 months after the funeral.


You can also make a donation direct to our bank account using internet banking or similar facility using the deceased’s name as a reference. Our sort code is 08-92-50 and account number 70784327. Please send an e-mail to with details of your payment - you can use the form below.


You can use a Gift Aid declaration if you are a UK tax payer so that the charity in question can claim back additional funds from the Inland Revenue. You can get more information on Gift Aid from the Inland Revenue website.

On the right is a link to download Gift Aid declarations for you to use.


  • You will need 1 per charity as they are specific to the charity.
  • You will need to print and sign the gift aid declarations and send them to us.
  • This link refers to an Adobe pdf file which requires suitable software.



You can also donate online (via Paypal). We guarantee to pay your total donation to the charity in question (we pay the fee).  Please leave the name of the person you donation is in memory of as a reference.


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