Chapel of Rest


You are welcome to come and see your loved one at our chapel of rest. We ask please, that you make an appointment with us by phoning our office before coming. We can also arrange for you to see your loved one in another place e.g. church or arrange to bring your loved one home.

Cam Chapel of Rest

Our Cam office chapel of rest is located across-the-road from our office in the High Street close to St Bartholomew’s Church. It is a converted Cotswold stone cottage that we have added a “solar roof” that generates all of the chapel’s electricity.

This is the usual layout of our chapel. We can accommodate many special requests; simply make them known to the Funeral Director in advance. For example: music, candles, etc.

Chapel of rest layout

We will normally follow the following procedure unless you specify otherwise:

  • As you enter the chapel, the curtain is in the open position;
  • When everyone is comfortably inside the chapel, the door will be closed;
  • The coffin will be half covered with a pall (a cloth or sheet) and the coffin lid (if available) stood on end;

This time is your own so you are free to spend it how you wish. The Funeral Director can help with advice if you are concerned about touching the deceased. A chair is provided if you would like to sit and please let us know if you would like to spend some time alone in the chapel whereby the funeral director will leave. You make take as long as you wish.

Thornbury Chapel of Rest

Our Thornbury office chapel of rest is located away from the main reception area, and benefits from a secluded waiting area outside the room. The chapel can accomodate 8 seated family comfortably and we have held small services in this room. Music can be played if desired and we can supply teas and coffees if you wish to stay a while. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can come to the chapel and how often?

The Chapel will comfortably accommodate 6 people at any one time but arrangements can be made for more if required. The chapel is accessible by wheelchair - please speak to the Funeral Director if vehicular access is likely to be an issue. You can come back as many times as you like – just make an appointment as before. Viewing out of normal office hours can be arranged although we do make an additional charge.

Q. Can we provide clothes?

You may provide us with clothing so that your loved one can be dressed. However, for cremation we are governed by crematorium rules that state that clothing should be of natural fibres, e.g. cotton, wool etc. and no PVC or copper jewellery. You may like to provide socks and underwear but shoes and other types of footwear are not suitable. The Funeral Director can provide additional information.

Alternatively, instead of their own clothes we can provide an approved shroud in ivory with pink, lilac or black trim.

Q. Can we put things in the coffin?

If you would like to add personal items such as cards please confirm with the Funeral Director, especially if the funeral is to be cremation. Items that are not approved for cremation such as glass or plastic will have to be removed before the cremation.

Q. What will they look like?

Normally we expect the deceased to look as though they were asleep. There may be extenuating circumstances where this is not possible and we may discuss any issues with you beforehand.

Q. Do you use makeup?

We prefer a natural look and so our policy is not to use makeup unless you specifically request it. If you would like makeup applied or perhaps hairdressing services a recent photo would be very useful and an additional charge may be made.

Q. Can I touch them?

Yes, normally you will be able to touch or kiss them. They will be cold to touch. If it is not possible we will advise you.

How to spend your time

You are welcome to spend as long as you like, but please let us know if you think you will be more than an hour. Somep people spend longer than others, there is no right answer.

If you wanted to know how to spend your time you might like to say a prayer…

(N is the name of the person who has died)


Dear God, Lord of life, as we gather in the presence of N we ask you for your blessing on his/her soul. We remember their life, all they have meant to us and give all these things that we a grateful for, to you. Help us to go on living without him/her, to bring our grief to you, to go on living in your love.


As we gather here in the presence of N, we remember all the things that he/she meant to us, and all the things he/she accomplished. We honour him/her with our presence, we acknowledge our love for them, and it is in love that we continue with our lives.