Don’t worry! It’s our job to take away as much of the stress and hassle during what can be a very upsetting time. So please, if there is anything you need help or assistance with — please let us know.

Here are a few things that you might need to think about:

Feel free to contact us at any time on any of the numbers on the right and we will be pleased to guide you through the process personally.

  • We can arrange to collect the deceased, normally within 1 hour.
  • We will ask whether the death has been verified by someone with the appropriate training.
  • We know it can be a delicate subject but if the deceased is large or in an awkward position, if you can, please let us know.

We will arrange to discuss your funeral requirements with you either when we collect the deceased or at another time at your convenience.

If you speak to a doctor, hospital bereavement or nursing home you may need to say if the funeral is to be burial or cremation as this affects the paperwork required.

If your loved one is wearing jewellery you may want to think about whether you want them to continue to wear it or we can remove it for you. You can always supply us with clothes and personal items later (subject to cremation regulations where applicable—please ask for advice).

There is a certain amount of paperwork to complete associated with a death which a funeral director cannot do for you, although we are happy to help in anyway that we can, Iicluding: advice, making phone calls or providing transport.


We believe that you should have the funeral of your choice and there are a lot of options for funerals:

  • Religious or non-religious ceremony.
  • Traditional coffin, cardboard, willow, bamboo or special design.
  • Burial, cremation or medical science.
  • Choices of music and content of ceremony.
  • Floral tributes and memorials.


Here are some of the things to consider when attending a funeral. Most of them you might have to check beforehand and rather than bother the family you could always contact the funeral director; they will be happy to help.

See our upcoming funerals.

Dress code

Many funerals now request black not to be worn. Sometimes it is put in the newspaper announcement, so be sure to check. You may also find that some churchyards and crematorium are cold and so you may want to dress warmly. Also, choose your footwear carefully if attending a graveside as churchyards can have soft, uneven ground.

List of names

There maybe a reporter at the door of the church or chapel to take your name. It can speed up the process if you have all the names of your party on a piece of paper to hand to the person. Be sure to include anybody you are representing. Alternatively there maybe a card to complete so you might like to take a pen.

Attending the committal

Whether it is a committal at the crematorium or at the cemetery it is sometimes difficult to know whether general mourners should attend the committal service or not.  Sometimes it will be stated on an order of service. Otherwise you can take some clue from any newspaper announcement: if the announcement states followed by cremation and gives the details then it is likely you would be welcome if the details are not given then assume the committal is to be private.

Flowers or donations

It should say in a newspaper announcement  if the family have requested donations in lieu of flowers and if so give the name of the charity and possibly the instructions on how to make donations. You can normally  give donations at the church or chapel. If you put your donation in an  envelope with the deceased’s name on and your own name somewhere inside it can be used to tell the family  who has given. If sending flowers have them sent to the funeral director on the morning of the funeral.

Being a pall bearer/Helping to carry the coffin

It can be an honour to assist in carrying the coffin and we want to make sure that this goes smoothly. There are a number of hazards present when carrying anything and we aim to provide a safe way to fulfil this aspect of the traditional funeral ceremony.  We have produced a procedure that we feel is safest while honouring the dignity of the ceremony. We can provide training prior to the service but will run through all the instructions immediately beforehand and guide you through the process as it takes place. Please ask for any further information.


We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and it is one of our core values.

We are able to provide many “green” services for those who are concerned about the environment. In order to be truly environmentally friendly it is important to consider the carbon footprint of each of the pieces of the funeral. This will always have to be balanced with what is practical and desirable. We can help you.

Some of the different aspects to consider are:

  • A wide range of environmentally friendly coffins are available including a wide range of card board, eco-board, willow and other woven coffins.
  • Burial is greener than cremation and although it needn’t be a woodland burial it is better for a tree to be planted instead of a headstone.
  • We always try to use 100% recycled paper and card for orders of service and our other stationary.

As part of our commitment to a more environmentally conscious business we have completed many environmentally friendly projects including our new fully electric vivaro e-life and have a number of other projects at various stages of development.

Green Daimler DS420 converted for bio-deisel
Solar panels provide chapel of rest with power
Solar panels heat water for the office


Non-religious or humanist

If you or your loved one are not religious then there are services available which can create a funeral service around the individual personality of the person who has died.

Often non-religious funerals are conducted by  a celebrant who performs the role of the vicar in designing and leading the funeral service. There are many different types of celebrant including members of the British Humanist Association or Institute of Civil Funerals or they may be totally independent.


If you have a favourite film or pastime this could be incorporated into a funeral based around the theme. Whether it’s a decorated coffin or fancy dress or special hearse, many things can be incorporated. Ideas that already have been developed include:  North American Indian rituals, Star Trek and Star Wars services, funeral journey by narrow boat or postal van (including decorated coffin as a parcel), coffin decorated with sheet music and many more. 

We believe we have the right skills and imagination to suggest and fulfil a personal funeral service whatever your requirements, that remains a sensitive and reverent celebration of a person’s life.


Whatever the type of funeral it is important to make the funeral a personal experience. Sometimes this can be achieved by the  inclusion of only one simple personalisation , for example we have used a tractor to pull the coffin on a trailer, for a tractor enthusiast. We are happy to discuss these and can provide advice on the practicality of certain ideas.